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Your Journey Begins Here.

Dine with professions is a team of innovators and collaborators! We share in common a passion for delivering experiences and stories sharing and we care deeply about providing quality service to our partners.

We are always looking for talented people to join us and we offer a range of positions. If you think you could be the right fit for Dine with Professions, please send us some background and your CV to:

Let your Experiences shine! 

Learn more about how Dine with Professions works:

Current open positions at Dine with Professions.

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Social Marketing

Scial Marketing

Host of Events

Event Host

Events Planning

Event Planning


System Maintenance

We provide more than just a job! 

Dine with Professions vales inclusivity and equality for all. Here, you will explore our collaborative culture of tolerance, growth and agility, as well as the resources that can create changes in your life.

The core values we share at Dine with Professions.


Serving college students at reasonable prices and subsidizing the disadvantaged.

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