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    Dine w/ Professions Dine with Professions Program Have a Meal With Your Favorite Professionals! Have an idea in mind that you wish to discuss with a particular professional? Bothered by the administrative inefficiencies in universities that cuts you off from true and meaningful conversations with the professors? Eager to network with different professionals but don't know where to begin? ​ ​ We are here to help! ​ At Dine with Profession, we design programs that tailor your needs to meet with professors/ professionals throughout different fields; all you need to do is pay for your own meal! ​ Sounds appealing? Sign up today and kick start your networking journey with us! ​ SIGN UP Professors Didn't see the professor you wish to talk to on the lists? Contact us! View All → College of Commerce College of Communication College of Education College of Foreign Languages College of International Affairs International College of Innovation College of Law College of Liberal Arts College of Science College of Social Sciences GET IN TOUCH Give us a like on Facebook and stay tuned! Find us on Facebook OUR STORY Building Connection Between Professionals & Students. With the intent of instigating dialogues between students/professionals outside the class, Dine with Professions is a project designed to actively engage in meaningful conversations and experiences sharing. Through our versatile programs, we believe more substantial networking could be gained to further benefit students in their fields of professions and future career planning. Read More → OUR STORY What People Say About Us View All → Zheng Wenhua|Slavic language I participated in one of the online seminars hosted by DWP, and I really appreciate such a fruitful event during the pandemic. It's good to have someone actually in the industry to help you better understand your field of study, many takeaways for sure! I highly recommend DWP's programs to anyone who still hasn't sign up! Do not hesitate! (≧▽≦) Xiao Hanping | MBA I was in a program where the professional shared his experience with Angel investors. He offered behind the scene information on how to build a start-up as well as his strategy for writing business proposals! As an MBA student, I was more than happy to have this opportunity to connect with someone from the industry! He Jiayu| Accounting I truly enjoyed the experience! DWP keeps its programs' sizes small to ensure everyone has quality conversations with the professionals. I was with them in one of their management consulting programs and would definitely like to join more different series in the future! ​ ​ Dine With Professions Building Connection Between Professionals & Students. Subscribe for more latest events! Email Subscribe Now Thanks for submitting!

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    Dine w/ Professions Past & Featuring Speakers Dine with Professions provide a wide ranges of featuring gatherings, you can found almost every field you're interested, let's take a glimpse at our past speakers, and they are just part of it! Chen Chienjen ​14th Vice President of Taiwan Cheng Lichiun 3rd Culture Minister of Taiwan Lin Bihjaw 33th Secretary-General to the President Wu Sehwa 26th Education Minister of Taiwan Joseph J. Wu 23th Foreign Minister of Taiwan Zhang Jingyu 4th Chairman of the Mainland Affairs Council Lee Yungte 4th Culture Minister of Taiwan ​Governance Shieh Jhywey Taiwan ambassa dor to Germany Liu Shizhong Taiwan ambassa dor to Hungary Michael Hsu Taiwan ambassa dor to Philippines Wu Chihchung Taiwan ambassa dor to France Yao Jinxiang Taiwan ambassador to Sweden Chung Chen Taiwan ambassa dor to Indonesia Zhang Xiaoyue Taiwan ambassa dor to Austria Francis Liang Taiwan ambassa dor to Singapore Bill Stanton Former Director of American Institute in Taiwan Sun Chienyuan Director of Taiwan to the U.S. in Boston Richard Shih Taiwan ambassa dor to Vietnam Diplomacy Art and literature cluster Wang Wenhua Bestselling author ​ ​ Luo Lizhen Director of the Museum of Contemporary Art Taipei Joe Fang Creative Director of Joe Fang Studio Jen Mingxin Poet/writer ​ ​ Wu Tzuan Experimental film artist Xu Kuoneng Poet/writer ​ ​ Tao Aaron New media artist Wen Tianxiang CEO of the Golden Horse Film Festival Peng Xingkai ​Designer Business Acumen Li Wenhao General Partner of Taiwan Angel Capital Lu Xiangrui General Partner of Taiwan Angel C apital Huang Zhiyuan Vice President of Citibank Taiwan Yang Jiayan CEO of Canopy Impact Investing Jin Chuanpeng Runtai Group Human Resources Zeng Xiangzhi Head of Legal Affairs of Uni-President Chen Huiyuan IBM Global Advisor Zeng Zhenpeng Philips Electronics Human Resources Edward Chow Former President of National Chengchi University Yang Jinliang Director of Lingwang Technology Chen Baizhou Chairman, General Manager of Philips Taiwan Qiu Yi CEO of Walk in Taiwan Huang Weicheng CEO of CircuPlus Huang Wenqi CEO of Fish Bar Ye Dewei CEO of PackAge+ Social Enterprise local care Hu Junyuan Founder of the Refugee 101 Taiwan Dai Xinyu Founder of Let there be Light Lin Zijun Founder of Calls over Ridges Wang Ziyu CEO of Waiting for the baby Report documentary Yang Zhiqiang Independent reporter Chen Yingyu C orrespondent of the​Washington Post Journalism Global Health Experts Chan Peichun Premiere infectious disease doctor, CDC Taiwan Lin Hsienho Associate Dean of College of Public Health, NTU Yang PanChyr Former President of National Taiwan University

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    Dine w/ Professions About Us Noticing the lack of opportunities for students to build connections with professors/professionals in the Taiwanese higher education system, Dine with Professions is a project designed to actively engage in meaningful conversations and experience sharing. Through our versatile programs, we believe more substantial networking could be gained to further benefit students in their field of professions and future career planning. Dine with Professions encourages students to network with professionals by providing a matching platform. To date, our team has held more than 70 online/in-person programs with more than 1700 beneficials and has established cooperative relationships with more than 10 companies, embassies, and universities from around the world! ​ Feel like sharing your ideas, stories or make new friends? Why not sign up today and enjoy a meal with our cooperative partners? ​ Ready? Sit Back and Bon Appetit!

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  • 【Dine with Professions 04/25 Event Recap✨|Edward H. Chow】

    In the gathering on 4/25, Dr. Edward H. Chow briefed us on his new book "China-US Convergence Future: Geopolitics, Macroeconomics, and Business Trends” and analyzed the forecast trend of the future Sino-US situation, as well as what the US-China relations will such uncertain changes in the evolution of global politics and economy? "It seems that the United States still has an advantage in all aspects." Dr. Chow took the output value of the 1960s and 1970s as an example. Compared with the current global GDP ratio of China and the United States, despite the gap has narrowed significantly, it is still clear that the United States occupies an important position in the world economic system, and it has the rein of it. Realizing that China is catching up quickly, the United States has also resorted to corresponding measures in recent years to suppress it, whether it is the most observable economic and trade sanctions, but also in terms of academics and talents. "As a developed country, it is not easy to continuing attract foreign investment and talents every year." Dr. Chow emphasized, supplemented by the findings of the research as examples, and mentioned that Chinese enterprises have also flexibly strengthen their cooperation with top ranked academic institutions in order to retain these rare and outstanding young people. In the end, Dr. Chow answered participants’ questions one by one. In terms of participants’ concerns about foreign investment in China. Dr. Chow mentioned that China attaches great importance to the protection of intellectual property rights, as more legislations was made, these problem might solved by time flows. *Dr. Edward H. Chow is Emeritus Professor and former president of National Chengchi University (NCCU).

  • 【Dine with Professions 05/05 Event Recap✨|Richard R. C. Shih】

    In the second online gathering of the New Southbound series, we invited Taiwanese Ambassador to Vietnam, Richard R. C. Shih, shared his foreign service experience and the recent situation between Taiwan and Vietnam. Ambassador Shi first emphasized the uncertainty of foreign service that must be go through: during his service in South Africa, Ambassador Shi had to go to Gambia in a very short period of time due to urgent political situation. It is more common for a foreign service officer to work in new environment, make new friends, and cope with various of new challenges. Therefore, diplomats are expected to highly adaptable and make balance between national sovereignty and security, as well as the pursuit of the best interests of the country within the task. In terms of work practice, Ambassador Shi proposed that diplomats should possess three qualities: curiosity, creativity and integrity. Ambassador Shi exemplified with the signing of the "Taiwan-Vietnam Economic and Trade Agreement,” sharing the “properly engagement” that diplomats must keep sensitive at all times. In addition to daily consular tasks, diplomats also need to be ready to deal with new tasks all the time. Ambassador Shi took the example of assisting Taiwanese businessmen to return to Taiwan by chartered flights during the epidemic. He mentioned that each Taiwanese businessman returning to Taiwan needs to went through 12 to 15 documents reviews. The task is complicated and the epidemic is raging, so the comprehensive coordination ability is more important. *Richard R. C. Shih is the Taiwan ambassador to Vietnam. Before his tenure, he was the Spokesman of Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Ambassador Shih also served as the ambassador to Embassy of the ROC in Gambia from 2008-2011.

  • 【Dine with Professions 05/04 Event Recap✨|Lian-Yi, Liao】

    Dine with Professions invited Mr. Liao, a career professional manager to share with the students on 05/04, 2022. In this event, Mr. Liao mentioned that he served as a club leader during his college, which honed his skills and made him able to get offers right after graduation. Mr, Liao encouraged his students to actively participate in club affairs. In terms of how to better prepare for job applications, Mr. Liao suggested students learn from trial and error. “After kick off to the workplace, there are bound to be many difficult situations, but as long as you maintain such an attitude and devote your full attention to your work, you will often enjoy a full sense of accomplishment in the end,” said Mr. Liao. In addition, Mr. Liao also suggested that in a more connected work environment, it’s absolutely pivotal to communicate efficiently and be humble. Also, integrity always comes first when making decisions. *Mr. Lian-Yi, Liao is a career professional manager, he served in C-level positions in various industries.

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