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【Dine with Professions 05/04 Event Recap✨|Lian-Yi, Liao】

Dine with Professions invited Mr. Liao, a career professional manager to share with the students on 05/04, 2022.

In this event, Mr. Liao mentioned that he served as a club leader during his college, which honed his skills and made him able to get offers right after graduation. Mr, Liao encouraged his students to actively participate in club affairs.

In terms of how to better prepare for job applications, Mr. Liao suggested students learn from trial and error. “After kick off to the workplace, there are bound to be many difficult situations, but as long as you maintain such an attitude and devote your full attention to your work, you will often enjoy a full sense of accomplishment in the end,” said Mr. Liao.

In addition, Mr. Liao also suggested that in a more connected work environment, it’s absolutely pivotal to communicate efficiently and be humble. Also, integrity always comes first when making decisions.

*Mr. Lian-Yi, Liao is a career professional manager, he served in C-level positions in various industries.

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