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What People Say About Us


"It's a great honor to participate in the event. I learned a lot about food, clothing, housing, and transportation in Paris. I could benefit from the experience for my future study in France. 

Zhuang Zhiyun, Department of Management Information Systems


"Thanks Prof. Zhou for answering everyone's questions during his busy schedule. Professor constantly emphasizes the importance of "family, career, and health", and encourages us to plan for investment portfolio and asset management as soon as possible. I am grateful that Dine with Professions has provided this precious opportunity! "

Jixin Liu, Department of Chinese

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"Thanks Dine with Professions for providing this opportunity for me to talk to the economics expert! I'm grateful to be part of the program, especially during this difficult time!  

Xu Ruizhen, Department of Financial Management


"I am grateful to be part of the event today. The professor cleared my doubts on investment and provided us with so many useful tips!

Hu Yasen, Department of Foreign Affairs


"I updated myself on information related to the consulting group, venture capital, and new ventures thanks to Dine With Professions! It is a precious experience! "

Wang Chuhan, Department of International Trade


"Thanks so much to Dine with Professions and Professor Chow for the incredible experiences!"

Xi Jinchao, National Development Institute


"I have always been curious about the consulting industry. I am more than happy to have this opportunity to hear students interned at BCG shared about their former experiences. "

Chen Yanru, Department of Advertising

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