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Dine with Professions

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With a cup of coffee, building connections is that easy.

Dine with Professions provides versatile programs that tailor your needs and interests. Sign up and enjoy talking with our cooperative professionals/professors.

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Yes, networking with professionals is that simple!

Fill in the registration form and you're all set!

Meet our Incredible Speakers! 

Ranging from independent journalists to high-level government officials, Dine with Professions has partnerships with professionals from diverse backgrounds. As long as you have the need, we will find a way to help!
*Click to see past and featuring speakers

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Covid keeping you from meeting people? Not to worry! 

Dine with Professions has held more than 20 online programs and has incorporated online gatherings into its long-term plan shall the global pandemic circumstance continues. 

We are good at adapting to changes so don't you worry! 

Our community matters. 


We value your participation and opinions! Don't hesitate to give us feedback and tell us what to improve! Wanna talk with a professional who's not on our list? Come and make a wish! 

Who would you like to hear sharing?Tell us today!  

We believe in equality for all!


Dine with Professions believes in equality for all! All of our programs are designed following the three principles of "reasonable fees", "helping the disadvantaged", and "cross-experiences exchanges". We cooperate with companies for underprivileged students to participate equally in our programs.  

Dine with Professions helps businesses, students, and university to achieve win-win situations!

In Cooperation With...


Dine with Professions has established a long-term cooperative relationship with National Chengchi University and nearly 10 companies to date. We would love to see the list continues, so please don't hesitate to contact us for future partnership and cooperation. 

Did you catch all that? Let’s recap.

Dine with Professions was established in 2021, and the team took only few months to achieve:

Inviting 50+ professors/professionals to join the project, launch the website, and obtain school administration and support from 4 colleges.

Established long-term cooperation agreements with 2 cafes and dessert shops and National Chengchi University International Alumni Association.


More than 1,700 people joined our programs, with more than 70 online and offline gatherings held, and each post on Facebook reaches an average viewing of 8,000 people.

Our Future plan:

Cooperate with more companies and school administrative units to hold a series of programs, normalize online gatherings, and build more connections and a larger community between professionals and students from different universities and countries.

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