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【Dine with Professions 04/25 Event Recap✨|Edward H. Chow】

In the gathering on 4/25, Dr. Edward H. Chow briefed us on his new book "China-US Convergence Future: Geopolitics, Macroeconomics, and Business Trends” and analyzed the forecast trend of the future Sino-US situation, as well as what the US-China relations will such uncertain changes in the evolution of global politics and economy?

"It seems that the United States still has an advantage in all aspects." Dr. Chow took the output value of the 1960s and 1970s as an example. Compared with the current global GDP ratio of China and the United States, despite the gap has narrowed significantly, it is still clear that the United States occupies an important position in the world economic system, and it has the rein of it. Realizing that China is catching up quickly, the United States has also resorted to corresponding measures in recent years to suppress it, whether it is the most observable economic and trade sanctions, but also in terms of academics and talents. "As a developed country, it is not easy to continuing attract foreign investment and talents every year." Dr. Chow emphasized, supplemented by the findings of the research as examples, and mentioned that Chinese enterprises have also flexibly strengthen their cooperation with top ranked academic institutions in order to retain these rare and outstanding young people.

In the end, Dr. Chow answered participants’ questions one by one. In terms of participants’ concerns about foreign investment in China. Dr. Chow mentioned that China attaches great importance to the protection of intellectual property rights, as more legislations was made, these problem might solved by time flows.

*Dr. Edward H. Chow is Emeritus Professor and former president of National Chengchi University (NCCU).

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