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【Dine with Professions Event Recap 02/16 ✨|Yao-Jen, Kuo】

“What is data science?” As a college student, which core competence should I pick up to thrive in our rapidly changing society? In our meeting with Mr. Kuo, he shared his insights on how to sharpen the business acumen by engaging in computer sciences. For those who are majoring in pre-professional studies including finance and biochemistry, Mr. Kuo recommended R language as it is the most handy one. For one who is pursuing a computer science major, on the other hand, Mr. Kuo recommended Python and SQL as their kickstarter.

Mr. Kuo anchored his sharing on the importance of “basic discipline,” he recommended students pursue cross-disciplinary studies, as long as they build a firm foundation for majors they declared.

*Mr. Yao-Jen, Kuo is an e-commerce analyst and senior consultant for software companies, he also opened his own online courses on “hahow,” a massive open online course platform in Taiwan.

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