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【Dine with Professions 03/28-03/29 Event Recap✨|Get familiar with college! - Political Science】

As the college applying season is coming, Dine with Professions designed a special program for underprivileged students to get involved with the REAL college life.

Dine with Professions works cooperatively with the department of political science of National Chengchi University (NCCU), one of the top ranked research universities in Taiwan. Featuring professors of the program including professor Chung-Ming, Tsai and professor Chien-Gang, Chen.

In the two days program, high school students were granted the opportunity to audit political science and political philosophy classes. "Although I was frightened by the text...but I found out that it was really interesting to me, and I liked it very much," one of the high school participants said cheerfully after class . The unexpected feedback has also reassured that unprivileged students need and deserve such resources and opportunities.

Besides classes, participants also get to attend a coffee chat with current political science major students to learn more information and resources that come with college.

High school participants says……

"Thanks to the current students and the professors for telling us a lot of tips for making the most of college, they also provide me with a clear direction to better prepare myself.”

"Participating in the event has made me more sure that it fits my interests."

Dine with Professions hopes that through this series of activities, experience and knowledge will no longer be limited by social status and distance, so that unprivileged high school students can get familiar with colleges and the resources that are able to help them in their future career.

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